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llgreen.jpgLunalux letterpress-printed calling cards, stationery, greeting cards, fill-in invitations & other unique paper products are sold in stationery and gift boutiques around the United States.

If you are a retailer and want more information about our wholesale products, take a look at our list of sales representatives. If we don’t have a rep in your area, we are happy to work with you directly! You can request a catalog by calling 612-373-0526 or emailing

thxasst.jpg Read about what’s new with the Lunalux wholesale line!

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    Strathmore Paper’s blog highlights interesting bookarts stories

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    independent directory of typefaces organized into categories

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Questions? Contact us online or call us at (612) 373-0526.

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Lunalux letterpress-printed calling cards, stationery, greeting cards, fill-in invitations & other unique paper products are sold in stationery and gift boutiques around the United States.

Now available at the Lunalux online store:

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  • New wholesale catalog

    Our wholesale catalog has been updated for the first time in TOO LONG! Despite the tactile nature of letterpress printing, we’re sticking with an online digital catalog this time. The 16-page showcase of our ready-made greeting cards and paper goods can be viewed online at, along with our wholesale price list. We hope buyers […]

  • New online shop

    We finally have an online shop! Now Lunalux fans near and far can get their letterpress-loving paws on our stuff via the Felt & Wire Shop, a curated online marketplace full of design-driven cards and gifts. Like everything around here, our Felt & Wire shop is a work in progress; we try to add a […]

  • Download our new catalog

    After creating a couple of wedding invitations featuring this squirrelly image, we decided to use it on birthday and thank-you cards (printed on our favorite paper: 88# natural white Strathmore bristol cover). And so our line expands again, a little at a time. More importantly, we’re thrilled to release a refreshed catalog for our wholesale […]

  • Dads and Grads

    June brings to mind two big holidays: Father’s Day and graduation season. So if you’re looking to honor the dad or the grad in your life with a little hand-written love, Lunalux has just the cards for you. Our studio store is stocked with a great selection of designs from some of our favorite card […]

  • 22 new cards. Yes, 22.

    In the past few months, we have created lots of new letterpress-printed greeting cards for our wholesale line. Last week we sent samples to our sales reps; now we want wholesale buyers new and old to see them too! We’ve added yet another PDF to our catalog page, click here to download that document (cleverly […]

  • Have you written your holiday thank-you notes yet?

    Mind your manners and be sure to send proper thank-you notes for any and all holiday gifts you received! At a loss for words? Check out the in-depth thank-you note primer we published last January. Need some thank-you notes? Consider this new design we just added to our wholesale line. “Thanks a Million” is letterpress-printed […]

  • Cheers to the New Year

    This is one of my favorite cards we ever created here at Lunalux. It’s a few years old, but it’s still really close to my heart. I wrote that text, don’t steal it, OK? Happy New Year! See you in 2009.

  • More new additions to the wholesale line

    Hot off the press: three new cards featuring illustrations by former Lunalux intern Katie Wilson. My favorite is the Magical Birthday card, featuring a cupcake-wielding bunny popping out of a magician’s top hat. This one’s letterpress-printed in black and purple inks on bright white wove-finish card stock, and paired with a purple envelope. I came […]